We are a small specialist team, passionate about food.

After more than twenty years in the catering business we have a fine reputation. It's something we work hard at sustaining each day. After all, you're only as good as your last dish.

We have one main imperative: make sure everything served is fresh, seasonal and utterly delicious. We ensure this happens by being fastidious about sourcing quality local organic produce, and then combining these ingredients in uncomplicated yet delectable ways. We won't hide behind fancy culinary tricks or overly complex dishes. Instead, we'll work to bring out every last trace of flavour.

Lizzie de Lambert (owner, head chef) and Diana Marshall (sister, right hand woman) are the two people at the heart of our company. Together, they are responsible for running a bustling, busy kitchen - with an output that consistently surpasses the astute taste expectations of the people of Christchurch.

Canterbury Hospitality Awards 2007