Weekly Meals

Our homemade meals make your life easier. Place your order by 9am
on Monday and then collect your meals on Wednesday or Thursday.

Small meals (for two) are $35+GST
and large meals (for four) are $70+GST


Chicken Merrivale

Beef Lasagne

Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Tomato & Peas GF | DF

Apple Cider Chicken with Saffron Rice GF | DF

Pumpkin & Kumara Soup GF | V

[contains milk]

[contains milk, gluten, sulphites]

[contains milk, gluten, wheat]

Vegetable, Lentil & Ham Soup GF | DF

Extra Treats

These items are always available
so add them to your meal order whenever you run out.

Annie's Muesli

$23 incl GST

Asian Dressing

250ml Bottle - $25 incl GST

Balsamic Glaze

120ml Bottle - $17.25 incl GST

Fresh Lemon Curd

$9.20 incl GST

Quince Jelly

200g Jar - $6.32 incl GST

Quince Paste

170g Jar - $9.20 incl GST

Spicy Tomato Relish

200g Jar - $6.32 incl GST

Whiskey Seed Mustard

200g Jar - $6.32 incl GST